Injectable Skin Treatments

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Injectable Skin Treatments services offered in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Whether you have sagging skin, acne cysts, or wrinkles, injectable skin treatments can help you reach your aesthetic goals without a surgical cut or stitch. At DERMAGNIFY, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, double-board-certified dermatologist Mark A. Cappel, MD, and his expert team treat various cosmetic and medical skin issues with a wide variety of safe and fast FDA-approved prescription injectables. If you want to improve your skin quickly and safely, contact our team by phone or reach out online. 

Injectable Skin Treatments Q & A

What are injectable skin treatments?

Injectable skin treatments are fast, safe, and effective prescription therapies that offer immediate or fast relief to a wide variety of skin conditions. At DERMAGNIFY, Dr. Cappel and our team may recommend injectable treatments for aesthetic and medical issues such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Creases
  • Sagging skin
  • Cystic acne
  • Keloid scars
  • Excessive sweating

All of our injectable treatments are administered by trained medical professionals.

How can I use injectables to erase wrinkles, lines, and sags?

One of the most revolutionary uses of injectable therapies is the treatment of the aging face. We now have a wide variety of anti-aging injectables that can address issues that used to require a surgeon’s knife.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid (HA) immediately replace lost volume in aging skin. Injected directly in wrinkles and creases, HA fillers add volume and lift to make those lines disappear instantly.

The HA fillers come in a variety of thicknesses and types. You can use fillers to plump your lips to a more kissable pout. Thicker fillers can even build up your midface to create a more youthful look and lift. At DERMAGNIFY, Dr. Cappel can review the treatment options for using HA fillers to produce a nonsurgical “liquid facelift."


The neuromodulator Botox has a long history of safety and efficacy. When administered by expert hands, Botox quiets down overactive muscles in your face so that you can’t make the repetitive expressions that cause wrinkles and lines, including crow’s feet and eleven lines. Botox may take up to four weeks for full effects to be visible, but results can last for months at a time. 

How do injectables improve acne or other inflammatory skin conditions?

If you’re bothered by a persistent pimple or an inflamed cyst, whatever you do, don’t pop it or pick at it! Trying to remove acne yourself risks scarring of your skin. 

Instead, come to DERMAGNIFY for consideration of an intralesional cortisone injection. We may treat your inflammatory lesion with a corticosteroid that quickly reduces redness and swelling. Within days, your lesion is often barely visible.

Can injectables solve other issues?

We may use injectable Botox to help you with medical skin conditions, too, including a potentially embarrassing problem called hyperhidrosis. If you have hyperhidrosis, you sweat excessively. Botox is FDA-approved for hyperhidrosis. 

If you want fast, effective relief from medical and aesthetic skin conditions, contact the DERMAGNIFY for injectable skin treatments today. You can reach out by phone or online.